The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness

Freak of Nature – Too Much Effort

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(Excerpt from a work in progress)

A plant uses no effort to grow, yet can produce the sweetest and most colorful berries that one can imagine. This is because the plant is just growing, cells dividing, with no attempt to be better than the other plants so it can raise its seeds to be productive and powerful plants when they grow up. It is just a plant, and it just grows. No effort, no straining. Nothing in nature strains to be what it is; it just is and excels at being what it is. A squirrel excels at being a squirrel. A bird excels at being a bird. Only humans seem to be trying too hard to be what ever it is that we are trying to be. In this respect, when placed against the rest of nature, it’s easy to think that one is separate from everything else, because one’s highly capable brain with its extremely enhanced ability to think and reason, wants to acquire and posses anything it can. However, once one falls into this delusion of being separate, it is then easy for disease and undue stresses to come about, because you are not living in accordance with your surroundings. This is the main reason as to why people who do not adhere to the rules of nature, and live in desires unabated get sick regularly. Those that realize that they must have balance, get sick rarely, if ever. Those that can let things go, and live in the now, live in a state resultant of a still mind. There is no excess trying. No effort to bend existence to one’s will. No grasping for something that does not exist — illusions.

Trying to grasp for something that doesn’t really exist in the first place is a recipe bound for failure. Illusions tend not to coincide with the way things actually are, and what results are issues with personalities and identity, explaining the immense need for psychotherapy amongst the human race. We need help to save us from ourselves. It is a true sign that there is something that is out of sync between one’s mind and their surroundings. It is a sign that living only to chase external sources of gratification is an ever fleeting and futile endeavor.


Author: Garrett S.

I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

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