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Indoor Gardening


A look at my indoor garden setup. Pretty simple. For the box, I just cut a hole in the top, lined the inside with foil and filled it with soil. And there’s a mini green house setup with a seltzer bottle that I cut the bottom off of, and placed it over a tin, and left the top off to allow for air flow.

Bok Choy and Green Onions 白菜和葱

I’m growing green onions, bok choy, carrots, blue berries, and a very sweet and delicious type of grape that I can’t remember the name of. I just ate some and immediately decided that I must save the seeds and plant my own.

Everything is growing fine, and after winter is officially over, I’m going to be moving everything outdoors and expand.


Author: Garrett S.

I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

6 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening

  1. What a beautiful little garden! Incredibly Zen. 🙂

  2. I too am starting some seeds indoors waiting for the soil to warm up. This is an exciting time of the year. I am in awe of nature’s miracle of life. I love to watch those tiny shoots just spring from the soil. Thanks for sharing your little starts.

    • Yeah, it’s a great time of year, but I actually started growing earlier in the winter, because things can still grow then. Mostly just greens and root plants… as long as they have enough sunlight, then they will grow. So, I’ve been eating most of the things that I’m growing. ^_^

  3. Wow! You have really green fingers! I tried to grow water melons on my windowsill, but for some reason they didn’t like it. Now it’s time for basil, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    Best luck with your plants!

    • Great! Good luck to you too, with the basil. Basil is one of those plants that grows pretty easily, so there should be no problems with it. I’ve grown water melons before, but that was outside. I still have the seeds, I might try it again. ^_^
      Thanks for stopping by!

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