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MAN by Steve Cutts – No Explanation Necessary

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Published on Dec 21, 2012

Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.

Music: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.!/Steve_Cutts

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You Can Transform Yourself–The Power of The Mind

There exists a popular notion in the collective human psyche, that biology and physiology are locked concepts, which one has no control over. Without delving too far into the study of genetics and biology, the basic tenant is essentially that the body is a mechanistic, bio-machine, that has parts that sometimes fail, and thus, like a car, need to be replaced and repaired. This concept is fairly accurate to a point, but that point has underlying root causes that create certain manifestations which are less than favorable to the organism. Things do wear down, and yes they must be replaced or repaired, however short of a life threatening immediate circumstance, there exists no better “surgeon” and replacer of “parts” then the organ which resides in the skull, and the body which it commands.

The study of pharmaceuticals and their efficacy inadvertently distracts us from observing something very telling about an aspect of the results found from a “failed” trial. When testing a drug, conditions are set to root out the possibility of the action of the drug being affected by a subject’s own physiological responses, via blind and/or double-blind trials. When it is found that the subject has healed as a result of anything other than the drug itself, then focus on that pharmaceutical is adopted as the underlying subject of investigation. Yet there is an important aspect which is overlooked in the grand scheme of healing. That is Continue reading


The Infinity of One

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The number “one” is something that many may not find very significant of a figure, for it seemingly only includes that which we have come to know as “single”. “One is the loneliest number” describes the collective attitude toward a number which symbolizes isolated loneliness. But what if I were to tell you that a representation of the entirety of all that is, can be found within the number “one”, and that it can be used to illustrate the very workings of all existence? Would you believe me?

To begin with, I will start by introducing a subject which I have been studying on and off for a while now, but recently picked it up with full force. That subject is fractals. To define this briefly, fractals are an infinite set of repeating self-similar patterns, existent on all scales of measurement and magnification (see my paper on the holographic nature of reality for further reading). In other words, fractals are figures that are made up of the same pattern over and over again, reaching for infinity, essentially revealing “empty form”. All of nature, and the entire universe are rendered fractal expressions. It is not a fundamental principle–it is the principle. Fractals describe emptiness brilliantly, because fractals in fact ARE empty.

The well-known symbol of fractal geometry, the Mandelbrot Set, possess an eye-dazzling array of colors and dynamic designs, and it is worth studying for this reason alone. However, there is far more to the Mandelbrot Set than Continue reading