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You Can Transform Yourself–The Power of The Mind


There exists a popular notion in the collective human psyche, that biology and physiology are locked concepts, which one has no control over. Without delving too far into the study of genetics and biology, the basic tenant is essentially that the body is a mechanistic, bio-machine, that has parts that sometimes fail, and thus, like a car, need to be replaced and repaired. This concept is fairly accurate to a point, but that point has underlying root causes that create certain manifestations which are less than favorable to the organism. Things do wear down, and yes they must be replaced or repaired, however short of a life threatening immediate circumstance, there exists no better “surgeon” and replacer of “parts” then the organ which resides in the skull, and the body which it commands.

The study of pharmaceuticals and their efficacy inadvertently distracts us from observing something very telling about an aspect of the results found from a “failed” trial. When testing a drug, conditions are set to root out the possibility of the action of the drug being affected by a subject’s own physiological responses, via blind and/or double-blind trials. When it is found that the subject has healed as a result of anything other than the drug itself, then focus on that pharmaceutical is adopted as the underlying subject of investigation. Yet there is an important aspect which is overlooked in the grand scheme of healing. That is the fact that the placebo effect, that has come to be so well-known in science and in popular culture, and is in firm action in such a situation, itself, is proof that the mind and body can heal itself.

Belief that you can’t do something is very powerful, which is why many people believe that they lack the tools necessary to control certain aspects of their organism. However, the concept of healing is not a mere whimsical flight of fancy, derived from wishy-washy origins detached from reality. The body is “designed” to be self-sufficient, and maintain homeostasis, provided it has everything that it needs, and as little of what it doesn’t as possible. The other side of the coin is the state of the mind.

The brain is a very powerful organ, and arguably the most important one. One big reason for the brain’s massive role in the maintenance of the body, is its illumination of the mind. Thoughts that pervade the consciousness of an individual, pervade the rest of the organism, from cell to cell, for the brain enacts physiological responses to the stimulation of the type of thought that arises. In other words, the brain is a creation engine, which affects the body physiologically, causing certain changes to occur in the systems of the body, in accordance with the thoughts that exist within it at any one moment. Negative thoughts and demeanor, propagate increasingly through each and every cell of the body, and additionally, if one is stressed long-term, the sympathetic nervous system will cease digestion and relaxation responses, robbing the trillions of the body’s constituents of the proper nutrients and other elements. As a result, disease is not far behind. Essentially, what happens is the mind in its responses to respective environmental stimulus, has created a biological manifestation within the body. Since the mind has created this initial internal environment, it can also reverse it.

To do this, one must know how to tap into the subconscious aspect of mind, and edit its programming. This is because the subconscious runs the show when it comes to the workings of the body, and the habits of the thinking mind. A large chunk of the physiological manifestations of our everyday lives, bubble up to the surface from the large, yet concealed subconscious mind.

To access the subconscious, one must tap into the input system, which comes about by recognizing patterns and “default” behavioral tendencies when they arise, and editing them on the spot. Continued interception of such behavior, causes the subconscious to solidify the new information into its “hard disk”. One’s common response to situations of stress, for instance, is the direct result of the subconscious taking over and enacting the behavior that is characteristic of the individual. If this person was to recognize the “biofeedback” that they obtain from observing their subconscious mind at work, then they can change the output of the system.

The age old practice of meditation is essentially a primer for access to the subconscious mind, where it aims to quell the wanderings of the conscious, spinning monkey mind, and allow the subconscious to be exposed, and open. Once exposed, one can then expand the awareness of their being, and the parameters under which they operate their lives, and under which their cells live and reproduce.

Meditation is not the only method that one can use, but it is a powerful tool, which fine tunes the workings of the mind to make it as sharp and piercing as a laser. A mind on meditation is an extremely powerful mind, with potentials that lie well beyond the confines of indoctrinated beliefs, and understandings of the nature of our reality. When one meditates, the direct connection that we have to everyone and everything becomes as clear as blue water on a Caribbean beach, and we then can live in accordance with the infinite potential existent within our fractal reality and consciousness.

When we transform our minds, we transform ourselves.

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Author: Garrett S.

I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

16 thoughts on “You Can Transform Yourself–The Power of The Mind

  1. Looking foward to reading this as soon as I get out of work.

  2. Very true words, The body is it’s own medicine and it all begins with what’s in the mind. 🙂

  3. Whether human beings have infinite potential is a debatable point. Our abilities are determined largely through our genetic makeup. I know that I can never be a skilled painter or mechanic; it’s simply not in my genes… Meditation can reveal hidden and potentially boundless layers of reality, but even the ability to concentrate in meditation is to a degree genetically based. In fact, concentration is a most curious phenomenon in that it involves both external factors: my surrounding environment, the experiences that have become embedded in my brain; and internal factors such as genetic structure. In conclusion, your last lines are beautiful poetic prose, but not entirely accurate.

    • Actually, our abilities in fact are not determined by genetic makeup, for genes express in accordance with environmental cues. The only thing that genes render are our basic framework, including physiological “defaults” and certain traits passed from the parents. But in terms of what the body can do biologically and physiologically, there is no lock on one’s potential to alter some aspects of their organism. Development of the human being and the traits which one may exhibit straight from the womb occur as a result of a confluence of factors in utero as well as post birth, and beyond. As soon as there is life present, it will begin to respond to its environment, and the cues that it receives, and develop under the parameters which it is presented with. The mental and physiological state of the mother, her nutrition etc., will influence the developing fetus’, causing its body to respond and produce, for example, a nutrient hoarding “program” that the body employs based on environmental cues, and not the fetus’ genes (where the environment IS the uterus and the mother’s body and its physiological state). Genes do alter and re-record information, and the physiological operational form that one takes is not locked in stone. This is also how plants produce subsequent generations of better adapted seeds, and one of the reasons why monocultures, especially those using genetically modified crops, must be supplemented with large amounts of chemical fertilizers, because they have no way of recording information, and passing on survival “edits”. However, after the “edits” are able to be passed on in a natural setting, it is still the environment which dictates how that plant will grow and whether or not it will survive. I know this for a fact, because I grow vegetables, and my girlfriend is a proper farmer as well (and now is a nurse, I might add). The environmental cues become recorded in the DNA, and passed to subsequent generations. It is the same with us, because we are all part of the same process, just in different forms.

      It is also interesting to note that cells have been found to be able to continue normal operation after the nucleus (where the DNA is housed) has been removed. The only problem that exists is that the cell then cannot “record” and reproduce. (Check Bruce Lipton’s work for more information)

      Humans obviously are not plants, but we share basic operational similarities, and we possess far more awareness in the form of neurological wiring and our highly tuned brain. Plants recording and changing their DNA is a phenomena which is existent in the human organism as well, yet is more highly tuned because of our neurological endowment.

      The gene ‘controlling every aspect of a human’ argument, largely enables there to be victims who can do nothing, because they have been born with a genetic print out that is their bodily form, and thus, believe that nothing can be done about it, unless they seek the assistance of an establishment. There do exist certain genetic anomalies which would cause certain people to possess the potential to express a disease or a limited IQ for instance (a very small percent), however, these are largely dormant until there is an environmental trigger to enact them. One can always improve upon things such as concentration, and an additional factor which affects ability to concentrate involves diet, lifestyle and the state of the internal body. A body running on substandard ingredients, which is bombarded with excess stressors (both external and internal) will be hindered in its operation, no matter what the genetic makeup may be.

      When a perceived base is reached in observation, just because one can not see beyond it, does not mean that there is nothing else to see; something that science has proven again and again, continues to prove, and WILL continue to prove, because the nature of all that is, is empty and fleeting, and in a constant state of flux. Knowledge and consciousness are not except from this “law”.

      The subconscious is the key factor in a person’s ability to become what it is they want to become. By age 6 or 7, the basic foundational programs for the operation of a human being are established, and it comes from the environment that the child is brought up in. Perceived limits of one’s abilities are subconscious recorded reflections of the identity that the collection of cells that is the human individual, has come to know itself as. The world is ‘black and white’, for instance, because things have been experienced and internalized through the veil of the parameters that the very fabric of one’s identity are made of – the brain understands how something is in relation to its neurological networking which it has developed. In general, the human brain is only set up to readily understand that which is able to pass within its perception threshold. The degree to which one can see the number of constituents of a chair for instance, depends on what the organism needs to operate in their world, and seeing atoms with the naked eye is not one of them – it lies beyond the immediate capacity of the everyday functioning and “need” of humans. Likewise with consciousness and its abilities via the navigation of increased awareness. Seeing all the facets of consciousness is not something that one needs from a biological standpoint, thus it is extremely difficult to fathom. However, with tools such as meditation, and literal physical tools which help us see that which we are not primed to see with our ordered senses, what was solid at the threshold, loses all of its previous form and identifying characteristics below the surface.

      We must not attempt to fit existence into a box, for the size of the box is unknown, and we don’t even know if it is a box at all.

    • Additionally, becoming a skilled painter for instance, is not beyond the reach of anyone. Genetic makeup does not determine one’s ability to paint efficiently, for painting is a thing that was made up by humans. If one lacks the mechanical dexterity to paint effectively, it can be trained and developed, for that is what the brain does–it learns and adapts. To obtain the “artistic eye”, one need only stop thinking “like themselves” and start seeing things for more than what their own sense of neurologically induced identity has confined them to perceive.

      Negative thoughts about one’s own abilities pervade the very fabric of the relationship between neuron and target cell, allocating bioelectrical energy away from the muscles (say if you were to attempt to lift something which you thought you could not) and uses it all to maintain the physiological integrity of the negative atmosphere which the original doubting thought gave rise to. In other words, the energy is drained. So when you live in the world of can’t, and believe it with every fiber of your being, then you really can’t because that is the physiological atmosphere which has been created inside the body.

      One’s life path and current abilities where established by the way in which one’s organism rendered its mode of operation based on a myriad of experiences and factors. The key to altering the role that one has landed themselves into (if they wanted to) is to change the orientation of the neurological network, and change the subconscious “tape recorder” which controls anywhere from 88 to 95% of our functioning.

      Now, becoming a skilled painter (or anything that one believes they cannot become) is not something that is going to be easy, by far, if one chose to do so, but it is possible.

      Thank you for reading, and for you comment.

  4. Genetic makeup determines how an individual will be attracted to the environment or how a facet of the environment will affect him or her. There is a propensity to go in a certain direction and not to move toward others. People who are musical will naturally follow a musical bent. Of course, that does not mean that they couldn’t follow other interests. However, music, and the abstract abilities that go with it, would be the most natural course. I never thought that emotional forms of being could be determined by genetics, but my family is an illustration of this. Both my sister and I are adopted. My sister met her natural parents many years ago, and was alarmed and comforted to realize that she had some of the same neuroses as her natural mother, although she had never met this woman before. Then I had to change my concept of the role of genetics. Incidentally, my adopted parents picked us because they knew both sets of parents were musical, so we would have something to share, and that proved to be the case. But can I will myself to be a Mozart? Never. Can I meditate myself to be a Wittgenstein? No way. Ergo, I am limited in what I can achieve. Meditation can clean up the dusty corridors of my mind(and I try to do it every day.) It can increase my awareness of the world and its possibilities. It can sharpen my concentration, but there are limits… I also try to reflect on my childhood, because sensations and colors, and the sheer joy of discovery are at their peak, and the magical mystery of life begins to unfold… Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Well, I’m not suggesting that one can will themselves to, say, suddenly sprout wings and be able to fly. But yes, it is possible to alter certain aspects of one’s being, but by saying ‘will’, it carries with it a connotation of a whimsical ‘I Dream of Genie’ type of magical transformation. It does take effort, but anything of any substantial benefit does; however, it is still possible. As far as you meditating yourself in a Wittgenstein, where does this ‘no way’ response coming from? What part of Wittgenstein is a god compared to anyone else? When you make the brain more receptive, and alter the neurological networking, it is possible to get to extremely high mental functioning. It is also important to note that all the brilliant minds that we have encountered over the course of our human lineage did not come out of the womb possessing the amount of knowledge that they did. The majority of their lives were mainly filled with hardship, and struggle, along the way learning more and more over periods of time. Could they have had a certain degree of mental edges initially? Sure, but nothing that is out of the reach of anyone else. The biggest factor in becoming a person such as that is doing it, and doing anything is not independent of hard work.

      The adopted child separated from the mother or a sibling eventually starting to exhibit their tendencies, is a very common example. I do not deny that at all, and a lot of that does come from the genetic “print out”, but perceived limitations that develop are more often then not, something that can be overcome, and are a direct manifestation of environmental cues and one’s response to the environment. You forget that I too am a human being, with parents, and I do exhibit some of their traits. I did not put down the fact that this happens, I was merely discussing the fact that nothing is set in stone. The traits that I exhibit have manifested, yes, from the the genetic basic framework, (which I discussed before), which I said does give certain foundational traits to the offspring. But the expression of a portion of those traits, namely attitude and reaction to situations, (as well as a number of physiological tendencies), come about due to responses to things encountered within the natural environment, as well as the interpersonal psychosocial environment, in utero and post birth. Also in my case, it is a result of facing any kind of adversity. When adversity is met, I react in a way that manifests from the genes given to me. However, like I said, this is not set in stone, and a big chunk of it has been learned, and I can change it if I wanted to. Why? Because I can recognize it when it occurs and through diligent work, create a new “program”. That is the beauty of having a brain such as our human brain. Why I don’t do it is because I have no problem with it, so I simply keep it the way it is.

      Expressing traits from one’s parents, even though they are separated from birth and know nothing about each other, is a useful thing for there to exist, from a biological standpoint, and my argument is not disputing that at all. What I am saying is that even though that is the case, it has been found, and can be demonstrated by anyone who “masters the self” as well as by science, that things can be changed, and I rarely write about anything of this nature (or any nature, actually) unless I have direct experience with it. That which I speak of has come about from over a decade of study and practice, so within that time, I’ve been able to develop a firm insight into how things work, and what can be done. But I am by no means finished, for the process of learning is never finished.

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    Yes, we can control the body with the brain.

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