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Water Has Memory



As much as we use the substance everyday, and know how integral to life it is, water is still not completely understood. Precisely why there are a trove of scientists all over the planet running this seemingly simple liquid through a myriad of tests.

Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist, who has conducted many experiments involving the energetic emissions of organisms, has found that the movement of water helps to structure the molecules.

Konstantin Korotkov

“When we apply a strong movement to water, we dissolve water molecules, and they create active radicals” (these are not to be confused with “free radicals”, which are harmful to the body). Essentially, the jostling of the water causes the water molecules to interact and pair with the minerals and the smallest energetic constituents in the water, more efficiently and structure it. This is important because “our blood is a structured liquid, our liquids in our stomachs are all structured liquids,” says Korotkov.

The “purification” process used to treat water is efficient in removing potentially dangerous chemicals and ionic materials from water. However, even though these potential dangerous contaminants are removed, the water still remains, with electrical “imprints” of bad things that were in the water, attached to the water molecules before those chemicals were removed, or simply “imprinted” into the electrical characteristics of the water molecules from external sources. (Water Memory – Article)

water_has_memory_Korotkov-quoteResearch into the effects of intention via chanting  on water, conducted by Korotkov and his team in Russian monasteries, revealed that “when we have water with positive intention,  after chanting, this water has the same structure as water in our bodies. That’s why all over the world in different religions, there is always blessed water kept during chanting, during prayer, during meditation. And when people have this water, This water is better for health than ordinary water,” explains Korotkov. “This water may keep this structure for many many days…. it proves that water has memory.”  (Discussion with Prof. Korotkov – Video)

An amateur experiment testing the controversial claims of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto that words can affect the molecular structure of water, although not entirely scientific, yielded surprising and interesting results:

Everything is energy and everything interacts both at a microscopic level, and more macroscopic level with everything else. Water is no different, and appears to be essential to the very fabric of life in ways that we never really had the conceptual faculties to entertain before. When we drink a certain quality of water, the the constituents which its “hard drive” contains, are ingested into our own bodies, and thus affects the cells it comes in contact with. Drink poor water, and you will get poor results. Fresh, clean water is directly correlated with healthier cells (along with other factors that have to do with the energetic characteristics and nutritional construction of food –– processed foods lack the appropriate energy and constituents to be effective maintainers of health).

Water properly structured enacts greater photon emission of plants, which is especially important when it comes to plants that we eat –– biophoton emission. “We can measure the output of photons and electrons in different parts of the body,” says Korotkov, who having grown up in Russia, is used to the fresh food available there. “In Russia, we have very good food, and good traditional food. People really care when preparing food.” I myself have some Russian friends who confirm their collective value over good food and good water.

Now we can see why naturally flowing water is such an important contributing factor of a healthy mind and body, for as research has found, water has memory, and picks up information and holds it in its structure.

Additionally, researchers are in the process of tapping into the information storing capacities of water to eventually create a vast information store using the water of the world’s oceans. (Unknown source)

So, which would you prefer: water confined and pumped through old metal pipes with all the other crud present in it, devoid of its original structural integrity, or fresh open flowing mineral and information-rich H2O?

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Part one of “The Memory of Water” (8:28 mins)

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I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

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  1. Quite amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting and informative post. I am still learning.

  3. Yes, very much like crystals. Water is like an energetic sponge. It’s also the second half of the Feng Shui equation. 🙂

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