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Season’s Greetings from TSM!


Winter Wonderland_Seasons Greetings2


Happy holidays from me to you! TSM has been going through numerous changes over this past year, and it’s about to culminate into a new and improved TSM for 2014 – more empowering reflections of our common humanity, as well as elucidation of knowledge and technologies both new and of old, that can contribute to lifting everyone up together.

So TSM’s Christmas gift for you all is a plethora of information that will serve to enrich all of our lives in the coming year and beyond. Stay tuned!

-G Sims (


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Author: stillmindzen

Writer, researcher of consciousness and the nature of existence, and student of Zen. That is what I do. My book that I am currently writing (The Zen Tales of Shi Song Shu, Vol. 1) will be ready for publishing within the next month. I cook, I grow vegetables, and am planning for the construction of my future cob house, in somewheresville, because I don't know where I will do it yet :) Feel free to add me on Skype (stillmindzen), or follow me on twitter (@thestillmind) ...All there is is now...

4 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from TSM!

  1. Look forward to many insightful posts. Have a wonderful Holiday!

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