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The World of Shi Song Shu Takes Shape

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Mock-up scene for The Tale of Shi Song Shu

Mock-up scene for The Tale of Shi Song Shu film

Shi Song Shu, (Song Shu means squirrel in Chinese, Shi is an honorable surname given to a monk), lives in a land once free and abundant, but later is covertly invaded by dragon overlords, bend on enslaving all animals and humans through fear and manipulation. Song Shu, after a chance encounter with his human mentor, Feng Shui Peng, finds himself compelled to restore the land to it’s original state.

Staff Form Test 2 from TSM Arts on Vimeo.

So much to design and animate, but Song Shu is looking pretty good at this point.


Author: Garrett S.

I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

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