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The Mind and Health


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Why is a clear and balanced mind so important? How do you achieve a clear and balanced mind?
Well, firstly, the importance lies in the mind’s command over the entire body. Before you do anything, you think about it first, then your mind (brain) allocates the bio-electrical resources to the appropriate muscles, thus they move, and move you in the direction you want to go.

This is what one’s life is all about. Your mind moving you to do what you want to do. The efficiency of this system is determined by the ability or inability of energy to move to where it needs to go. If the energy can flow freely, the system works fine. But if the energy is obstructed, the system can not operate efficiently. Thus inefficient energy movement births sickness, with symptoms that are treated with medicines. However, medications do not deal with the root cause which is an energy inefficiency, but rather deal with the elimination of the “complaint”.

What is energy inefficiency in the body? It is stuck and blocked emotional energy. So, how exactly does it birth sickness? If we have a simple circuit with a battery attached to a light bulb via wires, and the wires are undamaged (and the light as well), once the circuit is connected, the light will turn on. But if we were to damage the wire, when we try to close the circuit, the light will not come on.

The body is the same in principle, however, it is a bit more complex. Instead of a simple battery and light bulb, the body is a living system, with cells, and it is the sum of these cells which causes the body to exist and operate. When a cell has all of the components it needs, it functions properly, and in conjunction with the billions of other cells, the body functions properly. But if, like above, the cell is damaged in some way, UNLIKE above, the overall system of the body can continue to function, because it is just one cell which does not work properly. But what if this damage reaches a multitude of cells? If the overall problem which caused the energy inefficiency in that one cell is still in the system, other cells will be affected. But not only this generation of cells, but as energy flow stagnates from the degraded quality of the cells, their ability to fully interpret and express the DNA output degrades. When this cell divides, the offspring is a slightly less efficient version of its “parent” cell. Now what if this happens, again, to a multitude of cells? What if this were happening in an organ, and this stagnation and inefficient reproduction cycle was carried out over an extended period of time? Eventually, operating with such energy inefficiency would cause the organ to fail. The body is a circuit—a macro-circuit—with its cells creating the micro-circuits. When the cells fail, organs fail, and when organ fail, the body starts to fail, and the “light” dims because the circuit is bad.

Emotional energy

You know that you feel good when you are happy, but what happens when there are negative emotions and these negative emotions persist?

Firstly, the autonomic nervous system shuts down digestive functions of the body, when we are scared or in a stressed state. This function is useful for the “fight-or-flight” response to a threatening situation, as the digestive system is among the most energy hungry systems of the body. However, if one’s body is in a prolonged or frequent state of “fight-or-flight” due to stress, then with the digestive (and other) systems of the body effectively shut down or greatly diminished in their functioning, nutrients from food do not get to where they need to go, food does not digest properly, and restricted vessels and glands cause malfunctions in the body system. Left uncorrected, disease follows as a result of a living system running on degraded energy efficiency. Cells stop working, and pass this degraded state on to the next generation, and then in turn, further degradation goes on to the next generation after that. As cells divide in this degraded state, the telomeres (protective layers which prevent degradation of the DNA molecule) erode with each successive generation, until there is no more telomere, and this is when cells can more readily start to become cancerous.

Thus, eating appropriately is important, however, if one does not correct their mind, then it does not matter how well one eats, sickness is likely to manifest if the body is running on a mind which will cause the body to betray itself. Excessive worrying creates more problems than it will ever fix because excessive stress will cause damage to the body system.

Clear the Mind

Learning to let go, and let things be is one of the most helpful and needed things for the human race. A mind that cannot let things go, will be a mind that is dissonant and stressed, and because the mind commands the body, the body will also follow suit.

So, sit (or stand) for a least 5 minutes a day, and breathe.

Breathe in, slowly and deeply

Then breathe out, slowly and deeply.

Do this repeatedly for the entire five minutes.

When thoughts come, just let them come. Observe them, but don’t “get involved”. They are just thoughts. When one goes away, another one will rush in the fill the void. They pass like clouds in the sky, so let them come and go. They are not you.

The first step to proper health.

Author: Garrett S.

I am a writer, researcher, and 3D CG generalist, who developed a strong penchant for meditation and spiritual practices. I've incorporated that background into my current work manning the helm in directing my own personal animated projects, most notably of which is my "Mr. G" series, and "The Ville".

2 thoughts on “The Mind and Health

  1. I think the best way to a clear mind is through the study of mathematics, because it is the highest form of reasoning we humans have developed. Also, it is impossible to solve one mathematical problem with a confused and unfocused mind. A bonus is the humility mathematics teaches us; many mathematical problems have no solution, while others offer multiple solutions and allow for different approaches to any solution.

    • Indeed, mathematics can serve as another method for some… for those who don’t get too frustrated by it. I know a lot people who don’t like math because they can’t wrap their head around it.

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