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The Still Mind has hit 10,000 views, and to celebrate, I am offering ad space to anyone interested. If you are in the business of spirituality, mind/body health, from yoga to music, or even food, then read on to learn how to get your ad placed on The Still Mind. Want to get your add placed for FREE? Check the bottom of the page to learn how.

Note: There is no additional commitment outside of the month rate packages listed below. This process is straight forward – you get what you see.

What types of advertising TSM will accept

The Still Mind is open to almost any genre of venture, however I do have a preference for websites related to mind and body, and overall health and personal empowerment. If you sell baked goods, or have a blog about recipes, or even music, then that is perfectly acceptable as well. If you sell products, such as electronics for example, and if they are related in some way to the health/mind/body field, then I will accept the website – no iPhones or computers or anything of that nature. A good general rule of thumb for anyone considering inquiring about ad space on The Still Mind, if it’s about expanding the mind and helping people in some way, then it is safe to assume that it will be something The Still Mind can get behind.


These rates are for continuous staging at the top, middle, or bottom of the blog sidebar, on every page, for the allotted amount of time. (All transactions via Paypal. Credit/debit card option available on Paypal page. Hit Buy Now for AD1, AD2, or AD3 to be directed Paypal, and enter in the amount for number of months according to the following rates):

Top location (AD1):

1 month = $5 (approx. 6 days per dollar)

5 months = $15

7 months = $20

1 year = $110


Mid location (AD2):

1 month = $4

5 months = $10

7 months = $15

1 year = $100


Bottom location (AD3):

1 month = $3

5 months = $7

7 months = $11

1 year =$95


In order to maintain your position, space “rent” must be renewed after each time period is up. Should a new rate be issued during a  current subscription period, new payment amount will be reserved for next payment period.

Image Guidelines

Image size is not strict, as most images will auto-fit within the space. To be on the safe side, try to provide me with an image at least 600×600 jpg, php, gif or png (smaller images may still work) so that it will scale properly, either sent directly to my email (, or provide a link to the image url if it is located online.

Should you need a simple image made up for you, I can create one for you at a small fee, depending on the amount of content desired. Indicate in inquiry email that an image is needed, and we will negotiate a price.

Refund policy

The Still Mind does not give refunds for 7 month or 1 year subscriptions. 1 and 5 month refunds must be preceded by an email to me to explain your reasoning so that I can better meet your needs if at all possible, rather than simply terminating right away. However, if there is something that I cannot fulfill, then you will be refunded in full.

How to get FREE ad placement

If you wish to occupy ad space on The Still Mind sidebar for free, then we will work out a trade. If you find The Still Mind’s content to be to your liking, and you want to share it, help us get more traffic, and in turn I will place your website/blog’s ad rent free. Simply send any links or other promotional methods used to so I can check it out, and you will get placement in the bottom ad section (AD3) once it is established that it will optimally facilitate the promotion of blog traffic to The Still Mind. The more traffic that you generate, the higher up your ad will be placed.

Note: These rates and guideline are subject to change, as The Still Mind is an ongoing process, and better rates and options will be made available as they . Thank you for your interest in placing your ad on TSM, and may your website/blogs be full of traffic!

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