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San Francisco Schools Transformed by the Power of Meditation | NBC News

San Francisco students meditating in class – Image via We Are Change

Original story via NBC News:

Silence isn’t something people usually associate with middle school, but twice a day the halls of Visitacion Valley School in San Francisco fall quiet as the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students meditate for fifteen minutes.

And school administrators tell NBC News that the violence outside of the school, which is situated in one of San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods, was spilling into the school and affecting the students’ demeanor.

“The kids see guns on a daily basis,” the school’s athletic director, Barry O’Driscoll said, adding, “there would be fights here three-to-five times a week.” Continue reading


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Evening Stillness – Getting A Better Night’s Sleep


Waking up in the morning is hard for a lot of people, and for the majority of us, we all need a pick-me-up to get us going. However, constantly feeling as though one NEEDS a pick-me-up is a sign that one’s sleep patterns, and perhaps lifestyle in general, is not supportive of a balanced, and healthy body.

After we rest, we should not feel as though we haven’t rested, and thus need something to energize our bodies – that’s what the sleep was supposed to be for.

Each person’s way of life is unique, so we shall prescribe a general restorative remedy that can help to assist in aiding a peaceful night’s rest: Continue reading