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Water Has Memory


As much as we use the substance everyday, and know how integral to life it is, water is still not completely understood. Precisely why there are a trove of scientists all over the planet running this seemingly simple liquid through a myriad of tests.

Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist, who has conducted many experiments involving the energetic emissions of organisms, has found that the movement of water helps to structure the molecules.

Konstantin Korotkov

“When we apply a strong movement to water, we dissolve water molecules, and they create active radicals” (these are not to be confused with “free radicals”, which are harmful to the body). Essentially, the jostling of the water causes the water molecules to interact and pair with the minerals and the smallest energetic constituents in the water, more efficiently and structure it. This is important because “our blood is a structured liquid, our liquids in our stomachs are all structured liquids,” says Korotkov.

The “purification” process used to treat water is efficient in removing potentially dangerous chemicals and ionic materials from water. However, Continue reading

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Match The Frequency of The Reality You Want

In order to live in the reality that you want, what are you doing to make it happen? Thoughts must be inline with actions, and actions inline with Continue reading


The Infinity of One

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The number “one” is something that many may not find very significant of a figure, for it seemingly only includes that which we have come to know as “single”. “One is the loneliest number” describes the collective attitude toward a number which symbolizes isolated loneliness. But what if I were to tell you that a representation of the entirety of all that is, can be found within the number “one”, and that it can be used to illustrate the very workings of all existence? Would you believe me?

To begin with, I will start by introducing a subject which I have been studying on and off for a while now, but recently picked it up with full force. That subject is fractals. To define this briefly, fractals are an infinite set of repeating self-similar patterns, existent on all scales of measurement and magnification (see my paper on the holographic nature of reality for further reading). In other words, fractals are figures that are made up of the same pattern over and over again, reaching for infinity, essentially revealing “empty form”. All of nature, and the entire universe are rendered fractal expressions. It is not a fundamental principle–it is the principle. Fractals describe emptiness brilliantly, because fractals in fact ARE empty.

The well-known symbol of fractal geometry, the Mandelbrot Set, possess an eye-dazzling array of colors and dynamic designs, and it is worth studying for this reason alone. However, there is far more to the Mandelbrot Set than Continue reading