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Acupunture: From Quack Science to Proven Medical Treatment – Natural News


(NaturalNews) There are many alternative treatments that have been considered (and still are) as quack medicine by the all-seeing and all-knowing conventional medical model. However, as science and results began to prove their legitimacy, conventional wisdom was forced to acknowledge their efficacy. Acupuncture needles are one of those treatments that have gone from quack science to proven medical device, and scores of people are now experiencing its benefits.

How acupuncture works

In the 1960s, Professor Kim Bong Han and researchers in Korea attempted to prove the existence of meridians in the human body using microdissection techniques. They found evidence of an independent series of fine, duct-like tubes corresponding to the paths of traditional acupuncture meridians.

Fluids in this system sometimes flowed in the same direction as blood and lymph, but also traveled the opposite direction at other times. They realized that these ducts are different from the vascular and lymphatic systems that Western medicine had identified, and that meridians themselves might exist within them.

This meridian system was further validated by a French researcher, Pierre de Vernejoul, who injected radioactive isotopes into the acupoints of humans and tracked their movement with a gamma imaging camera. These isotopes traveled 12 inches along the acupuncture meridians within four to six minutes.

Vernejoul then challenged his work by injecting isotopes into blood vessels in random areas of the body rather than acupoints, and found that they did not travel in the same way at all, illustrating that meridians do contain a system of separate pathways within the body. …

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New Project – ‘The Ville’

The Ville Poster1

Introducing ‘The Ville’, TSM Arts and Animation’s highly anticipated animation, now in the works. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback so far, and the funds to help make the film are soon to follow. To give an idea of the basic concept, it’s a ‘Monster House’ meets Tim Burton type of production, guaranteed to entertain and thrill. (Made in Blender 3D)


“Who lives at the end of Townsville?

No one may ever know,

But darkness seems to follow

Anyone who dares to go.

Lock away the kids, and keep them safe,

For ’tis rumored a witch will eat them.

Repent of your sins, to clear your souls,

‘Fore the reaper comes a reapin’.

At the strike of the hour, twelve at night,

Hold your breath with all your might,

Be clear of windows, doors and the like,

Cover your ears,

Eyes shut tight,

Count to three,

But show no fright,

For the thing at the end of Townsville,

Wants to bid you a GOOD NIGHT!

Garrett S

Feel free to show your support for all my works here. Donations of any amount are appreciated (though $200 USD or more gets you an ‘Executive Producer’ credit! )

Dedicated ‘The Ville’ website coming soon!


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The World of Shi Song Shu Takes Shape

Mock-up scene for The Tale of Shi Song Shu

Mock-up scene for The Tale of Shi Song Shu film

Shi Song Shu, (Song Shu means squirrel in Chinese, Shi is an honorable surname given to a monk), lives in a land once free and abundant, but later is covertly invaded by dragon overlords, bend on enslaving all animals and humans through fear and manipulation. Song Shu, after a chance encounter with his human mentor, Feng Shui Peng, finds himself compelled to restore the land to it’s original state.

Staff Form Test 2 from TSM Arts on Vimeo.

So much to design and animate, but Song Shu is looking pretty good at this point.


Bringing Stillness To Life – TSM Arts and Animations


TSM has gone through a few changes since its humble start as a simple Zen musings blog for to post my written works on. I’ve provided content to help enliven and enlighten, and now in 2014, TSM has evolved into it’s new dominant form, and it’s on that I’m very excited about.

TSM has been inactive for the past six months or so, and the reason is because it has been morphing into TSM Arts and Animations (TSMAA), a 3D art and animation studio. This new entity deals mostly with 3D animation, with future plans of Continue reading


Season’s Greetings from TSM!

Winter Wonderland_Seasons Greetings2


Happy holidays from me to you! TSM has been going through numerous changes over this past year, and it’s about to culminate into a new and improved TSM for 2014 – more empowering reflections of our common humanity, as well as elucidation of knowledge and technologies both new and of old, that can contribute to lifting everyone up together.

So TSM’s Christmas gift for you all is a plethora of information that will serve to enrich all of our lives in the coming year and beyond. Stay tuned!

G Sims (


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