The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


Drawing by me, Book cover

A new publication currently in the works as of now entitled “The Still Mind – The Zen Tales of Shi Song Shu”. It is a book of Zen musings and parables centered around a highly adventurous squirrel who observed the neighbor of the human whose yard he resides in practicing a curious art he later found to be known as Tai Chi, as well as Kungfu and meditation. He became a secret disciple, and through his dedication reached enlightenment. The book will describe his interactions with other squirrels, neighborhood stray cats, and other animals, each chapter a short parable of Zen musings, giving those he encounters chances for their own awakening in some small way.

The squirrel that inspired the drawing, that inspired the idea for the book. Here he is enjoying a corn cob which I had set outside.

I chose a squirrel simply because there are a lot of squirrels around, and I would give them some food occasionally. One day I decided to take a picture of a squirrel enjoying a corn cob that I had set out. Later that day, as I uploaded the picture to my computer, I had the urge to draw a caricature and personify it (don’t know what sex it was) as a zen monk who found enlightenment. From there it blossomed into an idea for a book.

Read the first two chapters now:

Chapter One – The Doing That Has No Meaning

Chapter Two – There Is No Enemy

The book is still being written, with plans to release it by mid-summer of this coming year. Assistance is always appreciated and welcomed, and if you wish to contribute to funding the publication of this mind changing publication, you can make your way over to the SUPPORT PAGE , and extend a donation that will go directly to publishing the above book. Again, your support is most appreciated!

Thank you!

To get updates on the progress of the book, follow me on Twitter: @thestillmind

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6 thoughts on “Publications

  1. nice drawing…thanks for liking our page..

    • Thank you. I’m still in the process of writing the book. I’ll most likely be posting some excerpts from it on here fairly soon, so if you’re interested, be sure to look out for that.

  2. 786…..zen mind no mind…incredible idea and inspiration for the book…love and light—sufi

    • Hey Sufi! I am very sorry for answering so late. I was just checking over my pages, and spotted your comment with no reply on it. Even though you left it a long time, I still feel I should answer you. Thank you for your kind words. As of now, the book is a little more than half way finished, so it won’t be long until it is completely done 🙂

    • Glad you like it 🙂 I’m drawing inspiration from the wildlife around here. There are a lot of squirrels, cats and birds, so I’m observing their interactions and taking it all and turning it into a story.

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