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New Project – ‘The Ville’

The Ville Poster1

Introducing ‘The Ville’, TSM Arts and Animation’s highly anticipated animation, now in the works. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback so far, and the funds to help make the film are soon to follow. To give an idea of the basic concept, it’s a ‘Monster House’ meets Tim Burton type of production, guaranteed to entertain and thrill. (Made in Blender 3D)


“Who lives at the end of Townsville?

No one may ever know,

But darkness seems to follow

Anyone who dares to go.

Lock away the kids, and keep them safe,

For ’tis rumored a witch will eat them.

Repent of your sins, to clear your souls,

‘Fore the reaper comes a reapin’.

At the strike of the hour, twelve at night,

Hold your breath with all your might,

Be clear of windows, doors and the like,

Cover your ears,

Eyes shut tight,

Count to three,

But show no fright,

For the thing at the end of Townsville,

Wants to bid you a GOOD NIGHT!

Garrett S

Feel free to show your support for all my works here. Donations of any amount are appreciated (though $200 USD or more gets you an ‘Executive Producer’ credit! )

Dedicated ‘The Ville’ website coming soon!



Bringing Stillness To Life – TSM Arts and Animations


TSM has gone through a few changes since its humble start as a simple Zen musings blog for to post my written works on. I’ve provided content to help enliven and enlighten, and now in 2014, TSM has evolved into it’s new dominant form, and it’s on that I’m very excited about.

TSM has been inactive for the past six months or so, and the reason is because it has been morphing into TSM Arts and Animations (TSMAA), a 3D art and animation studio. This new entity deals mostly with 3D animation, with future plans of Continue reading