The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


Run run run as fast as you can, you won’t catch peace ’cause you’re moving too fast!

When, if ever, will it be the time which one has been waiting for? Today, you buy some food to serve as a placeholder until you can buy the type of food that you know that you should be eating. “This will do for now; I gotta run. No time.” Tomorrow. The next day, the day after that; a month; two, three; six months; a year. Still running, still accumulating placeholders. Not just for yourself, but for your children as well, for them and the life around you and them and everyone. Things to tide all the runners over until something better or an ultimate goal comes along, because you must rush, and run, and do this and do that; hurry hurry. But all the while that you are searching for better and ultimate, the quality of the body, the mind, the relationship, degrades like a flame consuming the wick of a candle as it burns. One’s life and the life of those which you brought up around you have been substituted with placeholders, and now there is no returning. The past actions have come, commenced, and gone, but the result remains here in the present. You couldn’t listen to the environment around you because you were moving too fast, and coaxing others to move fast right along with you. Not just within one’s family, but outside as well. When will it be the time to listen? “Where does the time go?” The answer may lie in one’s own pace, for if you move too fast to be bothered to notice things, then one is sure not to notice the passing of time. Only when you must hurry to be somewhere or do something, does time matter, and in such a case, one’s whole day is like that. Finish this so I can move on to that. Clock clock clock. “What time is it?… Oh, I gotta hurry!”. Quick, now run again after the first running, so that you can go run again, and again, and again. “I can only have fun for a few minutes because I have to go run some more.” “This weekend I need to go all out, because next week I must run; quick quick, let’s go!” Run in your head. Run here, run there; run everywhere.

Slow down. Not later; now. Later is later and has not come yet; now is now. Once you wait for later, the effects of your past “now” have already arrived, and your “later” from before is brimming only with regret. You want the past back so you can do it over…. The birth of suffering. Longing for the future and living in the past; your now goes by unnoticed for the sake of illusions.

All there is is now…

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This is Only My Finger… Now, Chop it Off And Look at The Moon!

You can read my words and like or dislike what you read, but in the end it is only your own self that is swayed this way or that. These are just words on a screen. Sure, they serve a purpose, yet they have no purpose. A finger that points at the moon is only a finger, it is not the moon. It serves a purpose to direct the searcher toward the moon’s location in the night sky, but when the searcher finds the moon, the finger is no longer necessary. Forget it; chop it off! Forget words; put them down. Forget my words, they only get in the way.
Do not take my words on faith, otherwise one falls into the trap of delusional knowing. To know, a thing must be seen for one’s self. But if one is to know anything, it should be the knowing of non-knowing. To know non-knowing, you must answer a question: who is it that knows anything?

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Laughing Zen – The Floor Board

Master: “Please go and fetch me the best piece of pine wood that you can find.”

Disciple: “Yes Master. I will get the best one.”

some time later…

Disciple: “Master I have found the best piece of pine. It’s very fresh and strong.”

Master: “Hmm. No, not good enough. Try again. Go a little deeper into the forest.”

The disciple sets out again. He returns after an hour…

Disciple: “Master, I’m sure that this is the best piece of pine that there is.”

Master: “Hmm… close, but try to find one that is even better. Use your outdoor skills.”

Once again, the disciple goes out on what seems to be a wild goose chase. And then he realizes something…

Disciple: “Ah, this is clearly another test. No matter what branch I bring back, he’s just going to tell me to go find another one, then when I’m feeling completely hopeless, he will tell me that none of the branches are perfect. I’ll just grab another one that’s similar to the one I brought back before.”

He returns to the temple, but as he steps into the master’s den, he trips on the floor board by the door

Master: “Oh, careful…. Hmm, yes, this one is good. Great! Thanks.”

Disciple: “???… Is that all? Isn’t there some lesson that you wanted me to learn or something?”

Master: “No, I just wanted to replace that floor board. I keep tripping on it every time I walk in here.”

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Everything is Mu

All that is, precisely is the process that is the universe — the happening of existence. Everything with no exceptions; The hustle and bustle that we have turned human life into; “good” things, “bad” things, the running and seeking. These all are it — the Dao (Tao), the way. For example, just as there exists edible plants, but some will cause harm if consumed, so there are aspects of this happening of existence that are not favorable for us, but it is there nonetheless. Most walk around unconscious of their connectedness, however, because it exists, this ignorance is also the process as well. Those who are conscious of their connectedness, those who are awakened, are no different from anyone else for it is still all just the universe interacting with itself. A conscious being is not separate from existence. All are merely forms originating from the same emptiness. When one reaches this level of understanding, form enters into formlessness. Dualism disappears, and all is exactly the same. At this point there is no longer a need for the finger to point at the moon; one has spotted the moon. Buddhism disappears, non-buddhism disappears. Nirvana is revealed. Everything is just as it should be. Everything is Mu.


No Place to Abide


I do not preach peace, nor do I preach the opposite. Understanding of the true self creates what it creates, which we have named peacefulness, or stillness of mind. In this way, there is no objective of stripping away of greed and hate, for cultivating the true self will cause greed and hate to fall away of their own accord. What remains is thusness, and in this thusness is unity. The urge to be better than others and have more than others simply has no place to abide. It is akin to facing an opponent who is stronger than you and more powerful. He can destroy a person with one blow. But what will he do if he can not catch you? What will he do when you are not there to receive the blow? He can do nothing but give up and move on. This is where one will meet Zen, on the battlefield of existence.When there is no place or thoughts to cleave to, where is it that they will survive?

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All is of One Happening

What difference is there of a cell and a human being? A cell ingests and excretes, sends messages, handling affairs that a cell must handle. Likewise, a human carries out the same process, just on a larger scale. We have messengers to inform, food that we ingest and excrete. We have establishments for the purpose of taking care of emergencies that spring up, with ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, which respond to calls of distress, what ever they may be.

All that exists — be it a block of wood which grew from a tree, or a house that came from trees which humans have taken a rearranged in such a manner as to utilize the wood for an alternate purpose — is all one happening. A single, continuous process. There is no difference between this or that, a chair and you. All is of the same existence in multiple states. When it rains, there is no rain. It is the process. When the wind blows, there is no wind and no blowing.

It is one thing to have knowledge of this concept; another to live in it.

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All Is The Same, But ‘Sameless’

When asked of a Zen master, “what is the nature of reality?”, he replies, “the monkey jumps from the high branch… the branch shakes,” and may leave one confused about his answer. Maybe he is avoiding the question, you reason with yourself. Maybe he does not know. But the answer that one seeks may not always be the answer that one gets. “What is the nature of reality?” inquires about something that is everything, including that very question itself. It isn’t an avoidance of the question, but at the same time it is. The question which you seek to have answered can only truly be answered in this way, because it is just more white noise on the ‘Existence Channel’. It is the universe interacting with itself. No logic-based thoughts, and analysis. That won’t answer the question. Any words that a master could use to describe it would be meaningless, and just more chatter on the channel. It is like one sonic pixel asking another sonic pixel about sonic pixels. His is an answer of thusness. There are no words. Only 無 Wu (Mu in Japanese); nothing, but at the same time everything, like the color white.