The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


Mind Like Fly Paper 如同粘蝇纸之心

When you have a race of beings, utterly unenlightened to their true relationship with everything, taking their arrogance to force themselves upon another race of equally unenlightened beings, the only thing that will result is conflict. After the conflict arises, the aggressor of the two seeks to construct infrastructure to protect themselves against their now “foe”. The two sides engage with each other until both are destroyed. And so is the mindless existence of unenlightened bodies in nature. Activity, unlike that of the most simplest of organisms — bacteria, or a virus. Humans with the complexities of their neurological makeup, still have more in common with a one-celled organism than uncommon. Detect, engage, consume, move on. From the simplest of forms of life, to the most complex, there is no difference; only the scale.

And so, meet the meaning of the endless stream of thoughts that you have in your head. For if you do not have all these thoughts which you mindlessly follow, day in and day out, for your entire life, how will you consume all that you can and expand as far as your body will take you? Empires are born of pursued thoughts. Thoughts that are clung to like fly paper. Thoughts that lead people to destroy themselves under the guise of communal good. When thoughts come and go, if they are not followed, I am quite sure that your body will live on. The sun will continue to move across the sky.

To be enlightened, put down your thoughts.




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All Is The Same, But ‘Sameless’

When asked of a Zen master, “what is the nature of reality?”, he replies, “the monkey jumps from the high branch… the branch shakes,” and may leave one confused about his answer. Maybe he is avoiding the question, you reason with yourself. Maybe he does not know. But the answer that one seeks may not always be the answer that one gets. “What is the nature of reality?” inquires about something that is everything, including that very question itself. It isn’t an avoidance of the question, but at the same time it is. The question which you seek to have answered can only truly be answered in this way, because it is just more white noise on the ‘Existence Channel’. It is the universe interacting with itself. No logic-based thoughts, and analysis. That won’t answer the question. Any words that a master could use to describe it would be meaningless, and just more chatter on the channel. It is like one sonic pixel asking another sonic pixel about sonic pixels. His is an answer of thusness. There are no words. Only 無 Wu (Mu in Japanese); nothing, but at the same time everything, like the color white.

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This is The Point, Right Now!

(Chapter from a work in progress)

Everything that happens in its own respective moment is the point of one’s life in that moment, because that is all there is. No gaining, no seeking or longing. No past, no future, only now. Once you see this then everything will become clear. You will live in accordance with the way of existence. As I discussed before, the problem arises when we think that there is a knower, and a “me” or “I” that can posses and own anything or any experience. Possessing is the drug that we become addicted to. If it is not yours then we must go make it yours. When it finally becomes “yours,” then you will worry from day ‘till night about how to take care of it and keep it, for fear of losing it. We live for what could be, or what should be. But living in this way we miss the point. We do everything with a goal in mind. We try to eat healthy, because it’s good for something. Some sit in meditation because it’s “good for them.” But what is “good” or “bad”? They are only words. The point of eating is just to eat. The point of sitting in meditation is just to sit in meditation. The point of learning a language is just to learn a language. Attaching to the benefits or acquisition of any type of fortune derived from doing anything will create suffering. Even if you derive benefits from it, you will suffer, for once the high subsides, you will be right back in the doldrums, desperate for more happiness. The suffering comes from longing and clinging. It comes from the running around attempting to create a world constituted of the materialization of one’s own thoughts caused by longing and clinging. Who is it that attaches to anything?

Why do you try so hard to fulfill the endless stream of random and fleeting thoughts? When one comes, we follow it. It goes away, and is replaced by another. We then follow it. Put them down. Put down attachment. Put down like, dislike, good, bad. Something “good” makes you happy, but something “bad” makes you sad or angry. Your own mind makes you happy, sad, or angry. When you can put down illusions, you will come to the realization that what is happening right now, presently in your life, is the only thing that matters, because indeed it is all there actually is.

Life is hard because we make it hard for ourselves. A whole race of beings knowing not how to live in the current moment. Every last one, wishing and fighting for “good” things to happen to “me.” Put it down.

When we look at the light from a star, or even our star, the sun, I’m sure by now we all know that the light takes some time get to us here on Earth (approximately 8.3 minutes). The light and waves we receive from the sun are always eight minutes old. We never see the sun as it is right now. Even the light that we use to see a friends face comes to us from the past — a relatively finite length of time in the past, but the past nonetheless. Our “self” is also from the past, and in anticipation of the future. Our entire world is made up of things that are never quite what they seem to be. Things that never can be grabbed or contained or possessed indefinitely. Everything is never in the place that we think it is. All is in a constant, ceaseless motion. You are never the same person as you were an instant ago, because every atom, every molecule, every cell is never for an instant the same as it was prior, or will be later. There is nothing that is permanent, so why seek to hold on to things that can not be held on to? You will make yourself suffer indefinitely. No exceptions. The only exception would be if you were to let everything go. In this instant, this would be your enlightenment.

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Conversation With a Buddha

(Chapter from a work in progress)

“You look troubled.”

“Oh, I’m just stressed. A lot on my mind.”

“Because of your home life?”

“No, home’s fine, I guess. It’s job stuff.”

“I see. You want to achieve something?”

“Well, yeah. I have objectives and a plan. Just somethings with my co-workers. We’re not seeing eye to eye on some issues and it’s just stressing me out because we have a deadline for a new product launch, and… it’s just crazy.”

“I see. What will you do when you achieve your goal?”

“Well, I will be happy, for one.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know I’ll be happy when I don’t have to deal with the stress of this project anymore.

“I see. May I ask, all this for what?

“To have a good life! This is what I went to school for, and… This is just how it is, you know. This is the path I chose, and sometimes you have to take some crap, and keep going.”

“So, after you achieve your ultimate goal, then you will be happy?”

“Yes. I definitely will be quite happy.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because it’s what I’ve been working so hard for this long. It’s what I want!”

“I’m sure it is, but can you name me one time in your entire life where you have gotten what you wanted, and were satisfied? It hasn’t happened yet, because you were never satisfied, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. If you have never been satisfied in the past, and are not satisfied now, what makes you think that you will be satisfied in the future? If you can not live in the present then you will not be happy in the future. Your seeking will never end. Your clinging and desire will never end. And that is how you will live out the rest of your days — running, chasing, clinging. There will be no satisfaction; only suffering… Put it down!”

“Put it down? I do not know how to put it down.”

“Just put it down. Put down yourself. Put down your mind. Muddy water becomes clear when you leave it alone.

“I can’t just do that! To get anywhere in this world, you have to work hard! If everyone just sat around and did nothing, then nothing would get done, and people wouldn’t be able to live!”

“Who is it that wants to get somewhere?”

“Me! I do!”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Nancy. I work at an advertising firm.”

“Show me your ‘work’.”

“What do you mean? I can’t show you my work, we’re not at my office.”

“Then show me your ‘Nancy’.”

“What? What are you talking about? I’m right here. Nancy, right here in front of you.”

“Yes, I see you, but no ‘Nancy’. I see you, but no ‘working’.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, seriously!”

“Well, you don’t know who your ‘I’ is, so no wonder you’re so confused.”

“My ‘I’? My ‘I’ is me. I’m ‘I’! Seriously, what are you talking about?”

“The only thing I can see is you sitting here talking to me. I see no ‘work’. I see no ‘Nancy’. Nancy is your body’s name. What is the name of your mind? Where is your mind? When is it? Show it to me. Who is it that sits here in front of me now? Is it your ‘work’? Is it your past? Is it your future? Tell me, where are the steps that you took just before you sat down here? They do not exist. The only thing that exists is you sitting here talking to me. So, I will ask you again, who are you?”

“I’m…. I’m speechless, is what I am”

“Pleased to meet you”