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Our world observed from stillness

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New Project – ‘The Ville’

The Ville Poster1

Introducing ‘The Ville’, TSM Arts and Animation’s highly anticipated animation, now in the works. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback so far, and the funds to help make the film are soon to follow. To give an idea of the basic concept, it’s a ‘Monster House’ meets Tim Burton type of production, guaranteed to entertain and thrill. (Made in Blender 3D)


“Who lives at the end of Townsville?

No one may ever know,

But darkness seems to follow

Anyone who dares to go.

Lock away the kids, and keep them safe,

For ’tis rumored a witch will eat them.

Repent of your sins, to clear your souls,

‘Fore the reaper comes a reapin’.

At the strike of the hour, twelve at night,

Hold your breath with all your might,

Be clear of windows, doors and the like,

Cover your ears,

Eyes shut tight,

Count to three,

But show no fright,

For the thing at the end of Townsville,

Wants to bid you a GOOD NIGHT!

Garrett S

Feel free to show your support for all my works here. Donations of any amount are appreciated (though $200 USD or more gets you an ‘Executive Producer’ credit! )

Dedicated ‘The Ville’ website coming soon!


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The Still Mind Digital Music Album Is Now Available!

Sound, a familiar thing it is,

Though from where does sound end and hearing begin?

A song must be heard to become a song,

Else the waves in the air just carry along.

All that exists is a child of sound;

Its constituent vibrations birth matter abound.

The song of a bird aids plants to grow;

An orchestra can cause weeping,

with the sweep of a bow.

Prepare to become a part of the song of existence.

Still the mind.

Relax the mind.

Soothe the mind with The Still Mind.

Go to TheStillMind.BandCamp.Com

to listen to – for free – and download the digital album for $7

Track list and discriptions:

1. Song of The Lonely Erhu
Story of a lonely Chinese erhu singing a song of eternal searching.

2. Guan Yin Dancing in The Pure Land
The erhu makes another appearance here, in celebration of the enlightenment of all existence.

3. Forbidden Love
An adventure in love that is decreed not to be.

4. The Middle Kingdom
“Zhōng Guó” in Chinese (literally “middle kingdom”; “China” in Chinese) is expressed here with music that needs no translation to be understood.

5. Song of The Sun
Peaceful, rhythmic music build around the 126.22Hz sonic hum of our closest star, the sun. A piece of music build to invigorate, and soothe. Played loud through speakers, it will cause healing vibrations to fill the room, employing the principles of cymatics to sync sonic energy patterns of matter at the atomic level.

6. Stillness in Movement
Soothing music to fall asleep by, commanded by the beautiful Shakuhachi flute. Perfect for bed time, or anytime when deep relaxation is just the thing that will hit the spot.

7. The Meditating Zither
A single Chinese zither playing in the midst of a rainstorm. Great meditation music.

8. East Meets West
A mellow, rock-esque melding of eastern and western melodic elements.

9. Vixen of The Ice World
Theme of an ice underworld princess who knows what she wants.


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