The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


The Zen of Indoor Vegie Gardening ^_^

It is always wonderful to marvel at the intricate processes of nature. When one takes the time to slow down and look, the ultimate stillness of growth can be the most potent teacher that one can find. For the growth of a plant, for instance, is composed of a myriad of processes beneath the threshold of what the senses can observe. To help a plant grow, is to align your mental workings with the ways of the plant. Witness its beauty, then witness the line blur between where plant begins and you end. If you are to look at its constituents, going deeper and deeper, could you tell the difference between “you” and “it”? When you spend time with it, the oxygen from its inner biological interactions gives your body life to breathe; the carbon dioxide from your breath gives the plant what it needs. The molecules in the water, in its cells, vibrate in tune with the vibrations of your atomic make up, and that of the world around it. It is here where you will see yourself. Once found, never let it go.

This year, my indoor garden does not have any hydroponic elements, but it’s still buxom with activity nonetheless.

Spicy, but yummy mustard ^_^

Spicy, but yummy mustard ^_^

This mustard sprung from seeds that were apparently already in the soil from when I had the garden outside in the warmer months, because they grew, and I didn’t plant them hehe. This pot held its mother plant, that spawned seeds, and it seems that they fell and ended up in the soil. A pleasant surprise ^_^

Some happy tomatoes showing themselves ^_^

Some happy tomatoes presenting themselves ^_^

I have a group of tomato plants all grouped together in one pot, and they are doing phenomenally. Before long, there will be nice ripe tomatoes smiling at me from the green stalks. Growing tomatoes outdoors has caused me to develop a new habit, and that is to Continue reading