The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness

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Music For The Mind – Pansori 판소리, The Sound of Ancient Korea

Vibrations affect the mind, because the mind itself is energy. Vibrations are energy. This is why playing music for plants helps them grow, and why ancient civilizations established ways of singing and forms of music that tapped into the rhythms of existence. Even the Sun has a steady vibrational rhythm at 126.22Hz, which can be heard by use of instrumentation, and when tapped into, can soothe the mind. It is all energy, and the interactions of energy, the precise reason our brains are drawn to pleasing sounds.

It is interesting to note that in the world that we live in today — mass illness, and sickness of mind — there is a considerable lack in the ways of the ancients which kept them in tune with the way of the earth. Even ruling classes ruled in reverence to the heavens. The earth was the master.

Music and sound have an effect on the brain, and on matter itself, as evident by the extensive results found in the field of Cymatics. In Korean Pansori, the sonic registers of the of performer’s voice reach dynamics that our everyday speech patterns lack.

Please Enjoy!