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Happy Halloween from Mr. G!

"Trick or RETREAT", by Garrett S, TSM Arts and Animations

Trick or RETREAT! by Garrett S.

Halloween, Halloween,

A joyous of times,

Of fun and screams,

And fright in the eye.

Mr. G knows quite of the fun to be had,

As he goes Trick or Treating,

Gathering all that he can.

From house to house, he sails about,

The streets, no doubt he’s cleaned them out.

With a criss at the corner,

And a cross at the at the door.

–Treating here, and tricking more.

Upon his trike, he sails the land,

Obtaining chocolate-covered contraband,

When a force is unleashed,

And the great Jack-O beast,

Turns Mr G’s tricking to–RETREAT!

Happy Halloween!



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