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(FROM MAY 31) BREAKING – Live Feed of Clashes in Turkey

Violence broke out in Turkey today (may 31), TSM has no knowledge of the cause as of yet.

We all should know what is going on in our world.

Via Occupy Wall St.

Via Occupy Wall St.

Live feed of the events available via the link bellow:

Clash in Turkey



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Evening Stillness – Getting A Better Night’s Sleep


Waking up in the morning is hard for a lot of people, and for the majority of us, we all need a pick-me-up to get us going. However, constantly feeling as though one NEEDS a pick-me-up is a sign that one’s sleep patterns, and perhaps lifestyle in general, is not supportive of a balanced, and healthy body.

After we rest, we should not feel as though we haven’t rested, and thus need something to energize our bodies – that’s what the sleep was supposed to be for.

Each person’s way of life is unique, so we shall prescribe a general restorative remedy that can help to assist in aiding a peaceful night’s rest: Continue reading


From Einstein’s Notebook – Notes For Lecture on Relativity

Everybody knows Einstein, but it’s rare that we get to experience his work directly from the source. These photos are quite possibly the notes of his 4-part lecture which he presented at The Prussian Academy of Sciences in 1915, but this is not confirmed. They could also relate to the lecture he gave at the University of Manchester in 1921 (Einstein’s First Lecture in Britain – The Guardian, 1921), but this is also not confirmed.

JF72AHJ - Imgur

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Luo Mei Zhen of Guang Xi, China Soon to Be 128 Years Old – Could Be The Oldest Person in The World

Luo Mei Zhen

Luo Mei Zhen

July 9, 2013 will mark a monumental achievement for Luo Mei Zhen who on that day will reach her 128th year on this earth, potentially making her the oldest person alive today.

China seems to be home to a number of long-lived individuals, with a historical folk legend tagging a Chinese herbalist and martial artist, Li Qing Yun, as having lived anywhere from 197 to 256 years old. (Wikipedia)

Another “master of longevity” is martial artist Lu Zijian of Hubei Province, who as of 2009 was 116 years old.

What’s more astonishing about Luo Mei Zhen is that according to her residence certificate, Continue reading