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Water Has Memory


As much as we use the substance everyday, and know how integral to life it is, water is still not completely understood. Precisely why there are a trove of scientists all over the planet running this seemingly simple liquid through a myriad of tests.

Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist, who has conducted many experiments involving the energetic emissions of organisms, has found that the movement of water helps to structure the molecules.

Konstantin Korotkov

“When we apply a strong movement to water, we dissolve water molecules, and they create active radicals” (these are not to be confused with “free radicals”, which are harmful to the body). Essentially, the jostling of the water causes the water molecules to interact and pair with the minerals and the smallest energetic constituents in the water, more efficiently and structure it. This is important because “our blood is a structured liquid, our liquids in our stomachs are all structured liquids,” says Korotkov.

The “purification” process used to treat water is efficient in removing potentially dangerous chemicals and ionic materials from water. However, Continue reading



Scientists Confirm Perception and Genes Linked

Becoming an adept meditator does more than simply relax the mind and body. It is in this relaxed mind/body state where the most beneficial and rewarding aspects lie, and it’s not just reserved for surface level changes. Our trillions-strong community of cells feel it too, and scientists have the data to prove that where there is a change in perception and awareness, there is a change in the most foundational levels of our organism.

A study headed by Herbert Benson of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has found that not only do the typical physiological effects of meditation and relaxation play out, but there is a marked change in genes as well. The study was conducted with 26 volunteers, all of whom had no previous meditation experience. Their gene profiles were analyzed prior to teaching them any meditation techniques. Benson and his colleagues found, after eight weeks of 10 to 20 minute relaxation exercises practiced daily, upon analyzing the volunteer’s gene profiles again, that beneficial genes expressed more than non beneficial ones. This lends credence to claims of perception literally shaping one’s health. (source article:

is a chipThese findings also tie into cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s findings in his decades long research in epigenetics, which propounds Continue reading


Bikes To The Rescue

How often do you ride a bike? Or walk instead of drive? When we were kids, riding our bikes and going outside were more than just something that we engaged in to keep fit. It was our way of life. It kept the vitality alive and biting at the bit. As we get older, it seems as though responsibility is a realm of human life laden with over burdening devices and trinkets that are not as needed to the extent that we may think (unless, in the case of a car, one needs to travel farther than their mere muscle-powered legs can take them, fast!).

If there’s a trip that can be forged without the aid of four wheels and an engine, why not opt for biking it up, or simply walking? Catching the sight of the scenery around you as you progress down the street, adds loads to the overall effects of the trip, mentally and physically. It can keep the mind and the body fresh. If you are stressed, a walk or ride can calm the stress reaction, and not to mention the benefits of the exercise that you get from it.

Let’s Challenge ourselves to use our legs more often, and see why we should, in this informative infographic:

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Some Healthful Secrets About Cayenne Pepper

Did you know_cayennepepper5


Yes that’s right! The humble spice that burns tongues the world over, and is utilized for its spicy accent, does more than just cause one to go running for some milk to wash it down with (FYI, when eating something spicy, milk is more effective than water).

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, which gives the pepper its spicy bite, interacts with Continue reading

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Evening Stillness – Getting A Better Night’s Sleep


Waking up in the morning is hard for a lot of people, and for the majority of us, we all need a pick-me-up to get us going. However, constantly feeling as though one NEEDS a pick-me-up is a sign that one’s sleep patterns, and perhaps lifestyle in general, is not supportive of a balanced, and healthy body.

After we rest, we should not feel as though we haven’t rested, and thus need something to energize our bodies – that’s what the sleep was supposed to be for.

Each person’s way of life is unique, so we shall prescribe a general restorative remedy that can help to assist in aiding a peaceful night’s rest: Continue reading


The Gland That Puts The “EYE” in InSIGHT


Housed deep in the center of the thinking organ known as the brain, as a protruding component of the epithalamus (the topmost portion of the diencephalon), is the pine cone-shaped gland lovingly referred to colloquially and indirectly as “the third eye”, or the pineal gland. This gland has been revered for centuries by cultures all over the world, and is displayed in various places as a pine cone shaped symbolic form, though I’m sure that most people are unaware of it. A commonly known function of this gland/body is the regulation of the sleep wake cycle via commandment of the production of melatonin, and regulation of aspects of mood. But ancient knowledge, and now recent scientific studies, have pinned the pineal gland as a major psychological and spiritual center of the body, and it is now being discovered that it may be due to the release of a certain chemical that has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries.

Dimethyltryptamine (or DMT), a potent psychedelic compound that has been cited as causing the dreams that we have at night, has been found by science to be released by the pineal gland. DMT is not only found to be present in humans, but as has been Continue reading