The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


The Still Mind is an establishment dedicated to informing and enabling minds to take their lives and their bodies back. The Still Mind’s mission is simple: achieve stillness and clarity of mind, so that all the rest will fall into place of its own accord. To that effect, TSM now has a new dominant branch called TSM Arts and Animations (TSMAA), which I’ve started to take the message of TSM to a new creative level.

At present, TSM Arts and Animations’ projects include the development of my manuscript, “The Zen Tales of Shi Song Shu” into an animated web series, and later a feature length film, called ‘The Tale of Shi Song Shu’, once the funds and man power get up to par. Additionally, a fun cartoon pilot about an unfortunate pup, entitled ‘RUFF!’, will be released in the coming months.

TSMAA uses all open source software, including 3D computer graphics product, Blender 3D. Eventually, I have plans of opening an academy to help others learn to use and apply this software toward creating their own graphics and animations.

All of these projects require much work to produce, and part of that work is dependent upon the funds necessary to maintain a presence, and to simply keep existing. Anyone can contribute, at any amount that they feel willing to commit to, and all contributions are greatly appreciated, as they will ultimately determine TSMAA’s fate.


Credit cards also accepted (select ‘Continue’ near bottom of Paypal page as shown below)



Thank you for your contribution!
-Garrett S


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