The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness

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“As the world awakens, so too does our reality awaken with it” –The Still Mind

The people of the world are waking up, now more than ever, particularly those of the younger generation––my generation. The efforts of all those “on the front lines” are not unrecognized. 


Mind Like Fly Paper 如同粘蝇纸之心

When you have a race of beings, utterly unenlightened to their true relationship with everything, taking their arrogance to force themselves upon another race of equally unenlightened beings, the only thing that will result is conflict. After the conflict arises, the aggressor of the two seeks to construct infrastructure to protect themselves against their now “foe”. The two sides engage with each other until both are destroyed. And so is the mindless existence of unenlightened bodies in nature. Activity, unlike that of the most simplest of organisms — bacteria, or a virus. Humans with the complexities of their neurological makeup, still have more in common with a one-celled organism than uncommon. Detect, engage, consume, move on. From the simplest of forms of life, to the most complex, there is no difference; only the scale.

And so, meet the meaning of the endless stream of thoughts that you have in your head. For if you do not have all these thoughts which you mindlessly follow, day in and day out, for your entire life, how will you consume all that you can and expand as far as your body will take you? Empires are born of pursued thoughts. Thoughts that are clung to like fly paper. Thoughts that lead people to destroy themselves under the guise of communal good. When thoughts come and go, if they are not followed, I am quite sure that your body will live on. The sun will continue to move across the sky.

To be enlightened, put down your thoughts.




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Everything is Mu

All that is, precisely is the process that is the universe — the happening of existence. Everything with no exceptions; The hustle and bustle that we have turned human life into; “good” things, “bad” things, the running and seeking. These all are it — the Dao (Tao), the way. For example, just as there exists edible plants, but some will cause harm if consumed, so there are aspects of this happening of existence that are not favorable for us, but it is there nonetheless. Most walk around unconscious of their connectedness, however, because it exists, this ignorance is also the process as well. Those who are conscious of their connectedness, those who are awakened, are no different from anyone else for it is still all just the universe interacting with itself. A conscious being is not separate from existence. All are merely forms originating from the same emptiness. When one reaches this level of understanding, form enters into formlessness. Dualism disappears, and all is exactly the same. At this point there is no longer a need for the finger to point at the moon; one has spotted the moon. Buddhism disappears, non-buddhism disappears. Nirvana is revealed. Everything is just as it should be. Everything is Mu.


No Place to Abide


I do not preach peace, nor do I preach the opposite. Understanding of the true self creates what it creates, which we have named peacefulness, or stillness of mind. In this way, there is no objective of stripping away of greed and hate, for cultivating the true self will cause greed and hate to fall away of their own accord. What remains is thusness, and in this thusness is unity. The urge to be better than others and have more than others simply has no place to abide. It is akin to facing an opponent who is stronger than you and more powerful. He can destroy a person with one blow. But what will he do if he can not catch you? What will he do when you are not there to receive the blow? He can do nothing but give up and move on. This is where one will meet Zen, on the battlefield of existence.When there is no place or thoughts to cleave to, where is it that they will survive?

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All is of One Happening

What difference is there of a cell and a human being? A cell ingests and excretes, sends messages, handling affairs that a cell must handle. Likewise, a human carries out the same process, just on a larger scale. We have messengers to inform, food that we ingest and excrete. We have establishments for the purpose of taking care of emergencies that spring up, with ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, which respond to calls of distress, what ever they may be.

All that exists — be it a block of wood which grew from a tree, or a house that came from trees which humans have taken a rearranged in such a manner as to utilize the wood for an alternate purpose — is all one happening. A single, continuous process. There is no difference between this or that, a chair and you. All is of the same existence in multiple states. When it rains, there is no rain. It is the process. When the wind blows, there is no wind and no blowing.

It is one thing to have knowledge of this concept; another to live in it.

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What Holds “You” Together?

Needing to be “held together” in the first place is a clear sign that there is something being grasped for that doesn’t fit with one’s surroundings. “What keeps you going?” “What holds you together so you don’t go crazy?” What we don’t see in these simple questions that we tend to inquire of people when we are trying to get to know them, is that it is a verbalization of the fact that it is known that one has attachments constructing a “self.” It is a verbalization that one’s self is something that needs some form of mental glue to keep things from falling apart and being lost.

We can grasp for things all we want. Like a polar bear clinging to a piece of melting ice in the ocean, he is surrounded by a sea of water. The ice will melt eventually, and there will be nothing else that the polar bear can do but to let go. Survival will be trivial, for death is almost certain. However, if he happens to catch a fish before he dies, it will be the greatest meal he ever had. No past, no future, only right now, and right now all that exists is the eating of the fish.

Day in, day out, clinging clinging clinging. Run run run. Running around to satisfy the clinging. A need for more clinging. More running around; always chasing. An entire life of running and clinging is only good for creating more of the same in the future.

Too much trying. Too much effort.

Put it down.


A Moment of Awakening

Awakening can happen in a single moment. Zen masters have been known to use loud noises and shouting to awaken their disciples. In that moment, there is no thinking, no judgements, duality, good, bad. All becomes quiet; still.

The same can happen when we are startled, in a moment that calls for quick response by the body. When we are startled, there are no thoughts, just being startled. Even for the tiniest instant, everything had been put down. The interconnected systems of the body are simply reacting to a stimulus — going through a process. There is no room for extraneous thoughts and trivial worries. To reach this point in daily life is the ultimate stillness; the happiness of no happiness. No extremes. No place for thoughts to abide. Thoughts pass like clouds over still water, reflecting in the pond when they are there, and having no reflection when they are not.