The Still Mind

Our world observed from stillness


The Mind and Health

buddhist monk in meditation pose over black background

Why is a clear and balanced mind so important? How do you achieve a clear and balanced mind?
Well, firstly, the importance lies in the mind’s command over the entire body. Before you do anything, you think about it first, then your mind (brain) allocates the bio-electrical resources to the appropriate muscles, thus they move, and move you in the direction you want to go.

This is what one’s life is all about. Your mind moving you to do what you want to do. The efficiency of this system is determined by the ability or inability of energy to move to where it needs to go. If the energy can flow freely, the system works fine. But if the energy is obstructed, the system can not operate efficiently. Thus inefficient energy movement births sickness, with symptoms that are treated with medicines. However, medications do not deal with the root cause which is an energy inefficiency, but rather deal with the elimination of the “complaint”.

What is energy inefficiency in the body? It is stuck and blocked emotional energy. So, how exactly Continue reading

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If You’re Not Here Now, What Good is the Future?

There will be no future for you to worry about, because chances are that you won’t even be there to savor the things that come about in it. Always looking for the next future, and dwelling over the past. Always “mine, mine, mine” and “you did ME wrong.” Death will be the only time in which there will be no more seeking; no more worrying; no more flopping around wildly like a lizard’s tale that has been chopped off, and left twitching on the ground. The running will never stop. Where are you right now when you are reading these words? The body is present, but the mind is most likely busy busy busy. It’s busy interpreting, processing and making connections. It’s busy thinking. Always thinking. The human brain; a blessing and a curse.
Still the mind.
Quench the fire by not acknowledging it anymore. Stop chopping wood to keep the fire alive. When it goes out, take the ashes and return them to the soil to fertilize it.